Touch Screen Integration has cleanroom and in-house bonding facility to integrate Single or Multi-point Touch Screen of various types into almost all display sizes to make it interactive. Our featured touch screen offerings include- Vandal Proof; Anti-Glare, Anti-Reflective & Anti-Finger Print coating; Chemically Toughened (Up to 7H Hardness) and Touch Screens integrated with EMI-Mesh for shielding. These touch screens can be tape or optically bonded on display surface. Customized touch screens with very thin substrate or increased thickness are also available for integration with displays.

Display Controllers

Our in-house engineering team have excellent expertise to offer Display Controllers with a variety of input and output interfaces that can be tuned with almost any TFT-LCD module. These controllers provide easy driving circuitry and in-built color calibration software to enhance displays’ imaging capabilities.

Open-Cell Bonding has cleanroom and in-house bonding facility coupled with experienced engineers who can offer open-cell bonding services wherein open-cell glass can be integrated together with a standard or customized backlight unit. Our strict and more-so standardized QC technique ensures all displays are bonded to perfection and that the brightness of backlight is uniformly distributed.

Tape Bonding

Our Tape-Bonding procedure is undertaken in cleanroom environment unlike various other similar service providers. This not only ensures dust and other unwanted particles are kept away but also proper alignment. An Industrial or Ruggedized grade double-sided adhesive tape is used on the bezel of the display to bond glass-substrate or touch screen on the surface. Although this leaves a gap in between two layers that is not suitable for outdoor usage or usage under direct sunlight, but it is the most cost-effective method of bonding. In case of indoor applications, this is the most preferred option as compared to its counterpart Optical-Bonding.

Optical Bonding

Unlike Tape-Bonding, Optical-Bonding is done to ensure better visibility in outdoor conditions and under direct sunlight as well as achieve better ruggedization of the display product. In order to fill-up the gap between top surface layer that could be glass-substrate or touch screen and display surface, A UV adhesive liquid that is even laid out that fills the gap between two layers thereby reducing light reflection as shown In the image below. An optically-bonded display is best for outdoor visibility under direct sunlight as well as it make the entire display product extremely rugged for use with high vibration and shock.